Thursday, February 8

More Fried Leather

First, on the left, we have my triangular... dealie. I wanted to play with the lighter thicker leather, thinking in term of a heavier sort of belt pouch, but then also went with the unusual shape and thus ended up with a relitevely small spaced pouch. Oh, and I still haven't come up with a decent idea for a top on it. Well, I have ideas. But none that I love, and those I haven't finished. I may put I-Ching coins in it.

This, I am QUITE fond of. This is the dice bag for my good friend Marty. The symbol on the main body is for the country of the character whose dice will reside in it. The top flap is his initial/insignia (the actual person, not the character.) May put something on the backside eventually as well. Though for the moment, I am VERY happy with it.