Wednesday, November 12

Ladies Leather & Lace Gauntlet

Received my second piece of tatting from the fantastic TotusMel Tats in the mail today. If you haven't had a chance before, stop reading and go look at her stuff. Very lovely.

Anyway, I had ordered a small piece she listed, thinking it would be fun to play with. It was larger then I was thinking (possibly because I need a ruler on hand to have any sense of such things.) This wasn't a huge problem or anything, just caused a shifting of my original plans. Which is likely a good thing. As my original plan would still have me sitting at my cutting mat growling and cursing. Instead, I have actually finished a piece. When I should have been writing... but that's ok, there's always sleep time to make up for not having enough free time. Heh.

I wanted to go with a mixture of leather and metal to accent the tatting, because that seems to be one of my fascinations these days. Below is a picture. Little bit rough. As I am attempting to take the picture and model it at the same time. Without having holes punched to really hold it in place properly... I will have to borrow someone to get official pictures taken.

I think it has a nice unique feel to it, something that you aren't going to find anywhere else. I set everything with antiqued brass rivets and added some brass saddle buckles to hold it on. The red leather is a very thin and soft suede from a pillow case I have been slowly cannibalizing. The black strap is from the scrap bin and most of the rest of it is currently someone's new set of goggles. I did a lot of the shaping on the red piece as I went along. Tried it both on my hand and on my roomies smaller hand and it fits slightly differently, but the placement of the straps actually worked for both of us, which was a pleasant little surprise.

Anyway, I am supposed to be writing. Shhhh.