Wednesday, December 20

Continuing Giftage

Looking forward to finishing up the last of Christmas gifts. It'll be nice to work on a few non-Christmas presents.

And here we have a larger dream-catcher. The dangly bit of stones hanging off I really quite like, but don't show up well in the picture. Mostly crystal and tigerseye. A few feathers. The web is a little off in one spot due to having to patch together multiple strands of the artificial sinew, due to the whole not being able to keep such huge quantities on there all at once for the larger one of these. Still like the look.

And here is a bracelet for my mother. Jade center, crystal, amber, tigerseye, onyx, hematite and silver with some unusual clasps I had hanging around. Nothing overly fancy about it, but the type of thing I like to do with a bracelet.

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