Monday, October 15

Getting back into the swing

I think I am back on the crafting kick again. Which is good. Idle hands make for mischief and mischief makes for violent roommates. First, I have actually finished a bracelet (picture to come) that suffered some minor damage due to cat attack, but should be easily repairable. Second, I finally sold something on my etsy. In fact, I sold multiple somethings. To multiple people. I intend to get items shipped off today, as they are apparently intended as gifts. This is very good for kitties self confidence. It also gives me more motivation to get things listed again.
In the vein of getting back into the swing of things, I am plotting some crafting how to posts. Probably to go along with some nifty do-it-yourself medicine bag sets I have been planning to put together. In general, expect some actual posting. Especially since I now have some idea of how to actually get anyone to look at this page.
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