Tuesday, July 22

Brass Goggles

My new addiction has become steampunk. As such, my need for goggles has steadily been rising. Finally, I tracked down enough ideas to actually pull them off.

Just a quick picture from the phone. Better pictures will be on my Etsy site later tonight when I get it listed. The frames are actually spray-painted brass, but are actually metal at least. Lenses are a nice acrylic-plastic and sturdy with car-window tint added to get them tinted. I used leather, antiqued brass eyelets and a brass center-bar buckle. (For the record, I love the nearby Tandy Leather store I found). Hopefully more sets to come with some odd additions, though I want to start with some plain sets. Also listing a set with silver frames on Ebay currently. Just to see what happens.

Other then that, a few trade and gift items and planning to stock up the store. Will make an effort to write a little here as well off and on, though most of my attention has shifted to my writing blog. In my defense, I have been rocking out that particular project with many posts.

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