Thursday, April 30

Steampunk Wrist Braces

Finished and shipped out this set of steampunk bracers for there wrists. They are done out of a nice brown leather. It has a thumb hole, rests just below the knuckles and goes down the arm. There is a small dart in the leather to give them more shape. Lots of antiqued eyelets. The lacing is black and gold, actually done with crocheted cord. On the bottom side are slots with metal brace bits to keep the wrist sitting properly.


ArtSnark said...


Soylent H said...

Do you do work on commission? I'm looking for a steampunk bracer, because I have an arthritic wrist, and if I have to wear a brace all the time I want it to be fashionable.

Olorle said...

These were actually a commission piece. You can hit me up through my shop over at