Wednesday, July 8

Plague Doctor - Redux

So, the original plague doctor mask that I did is off this way. It eventually sold, which was nifty, and led to me creating the top hat. The top hat continue to be worn and be awesome and I even have plans for a second waiting in the wings for free time.

The second go at the plague doctor mask led to me creating a Half Plague Doctor Mask. This was done as a lighter weight version of it. Amusingly enough, the same style of bird mask / plague doc mask shows up in Resident Evil 5. I won't go into the details on the character who wears, so as not to spoil anything, but it is interesting to see how often this particular style of mask shows up.

Now, I am back at creating another full on mask, with a few of the lessons learned from the previous two attempts as a custom piece. It is coming together much more smoothly. Pictures to follow soon!

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