Monday, March 2

Another Belt Tool-Kit

I should probably start investigating some other sources for old tools. The antique shop I like hitting is fantastic, but tend to have only so many tools in the price range I'm willing to spend (and think I can re-sell). The really awesome tiny monkey-wrench will not be making an appearance, as my roomie decided to buy it off of me before I could use it for anything. But I did finish this for an event I'm running with some friends.

It turned out fun. Though I may want to rough up the wood vial a little bit. So that it matches the rest of the piece. Also managed to wound another finger while working on it. Which was less good.

There is a giant wrench and another monkey wrench style thing that should be making appearances before too long. I do love working with this type of thing. If anyone knows a decent source for inexpensive old (at least looking) tools, let me know!

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