Thursday, March 5

Wood Shop

I never really got into wood shop and the like back in high school. Which is almost a little odd, considering I did get into prop building for theater. As well as building set pieces and whatever else needed building. Still, it probably would be handy with some of the projects I find myself leaning into doing. Which is why I trekked out to the nearest decent wood shop and bought myself a few things.

Two big projects to come out of it will be a steampunk cane and my own urban shaman's staff. More pictures to come, almost certainly. Hopefully lots of in-progress photos.

I also picked up some tagua nut, which has a lot of the consistency and look of ivory while being more more friendly to the world. Or such is the theory. It is pretty though. Because I obviously don't have enough projects and methods to play with. Or have recently bought stuff to try glass etching that still isn't even open. Heh.

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