Thursday, March 19

Street Shaman Staff - Part I

This is an idea that has been rattling around in my brain for a good two years now, if I'm not mistaken. I finally actually had a chance to visit a wood-working shop and pick out the bits and pieces necessary and with my additional free time, I've even started work on it.

I picked out a piece of wood that I liked. I went more for the actual bit that felt right and looked fun rather then worrying much about species of tree. From there, I sat and whittled down the two end pieces so that I could get the handle and foot on.

Multi-piece foot bit. The plastic bit is removable and shows a spike for more rugged hiking and what-have you.

I went with the not quite as practical grip as well, since this is more a style thing.
I used a little epoxy on both bits just to make sure they sat well. Two part putty epoxy, to be more specific. The top piece also has a small screw holding it in. The spike on the bottom I actually drilled a hole, and then actually bolted into it. So that bit seems like it should hold quite well.

From here, I start adding symbols to it and play with how much bark is coming off and all. More photos to come!

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